GymbaROO Werribee Testimonials

My best experience at GymbaROO was in my very first session with my 3 month old son. I had taken my daughter to GymbaROO from 7 weeks old and loved it but we moved 2 hours away. When Liam was born we tried everything to get him to like tummy time toys, mirrors our voices but he just didn't like it and would cry. Knowing the importance of tummy time my husband and I decided we really wanted Liam to have the same opportunities as his sister. In the first week I was able to put Liam on his tummy and he was looking around and having fun. Was even laughing on his tummy on the trampoline. I was so happy and so was he. Liam was on his tummy more and more and later that week he began rolling. Every day he goes he is getting better and better :) I'm so thankful we made the decision to make the 4 hour return trip each week! and my daughter is loving her class too!!!


Megan - Hoppers Crossing Gym

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you of the excellent services I received from Tess and Maria at the Hoppers Crossing Gymbaroo.

The program is truly wonderful and the implementation of it by the ladies is second to none. On a professional level they are organised and work so well as team allowing the program to run seamlessly. On a personal level, Tess and Maria have provided invaluable advice and help on improving the development of my son.

I am so thankful for the understanding and help the ladies provided me and it was with real regret that I had to enrol elsewhere due to moving to an area that was too far away to stay with them.

Tess and Maria are a credit to your establishment.

Kind regards

Paulene Gibson

Paulene & Solomon - Hoppers

When I enrolled my second son into gmybaroo it was a total different experience than with my first. My first born loved Gymbaroo from day one. He listened and sat still and knew what had to be done. However my second born who attended Gymbaroo as a baby (sitting in the pram watching his big brother) was very different.

He was clingy and anxious and hated when the short activities ended. I began to wonder whether Gymbaroo was actually for him! I persisted because I knew the benefits from taking my older son. After two terms my youngest began to show real interest and became less and less clingy. He has been going for over a year now and loves it. It's such a joyful experience for the both of us, and now his older brother watches him!

I can't speak highly enough of Maria and Tess at Hoppers Crossing. They have listened to all my questions and concerns for both of my children, who are very different in personality. Their patience and understanding is to be commended.

I believe Gymbaroo offers my boys opportunities, structure and most importantly fun, that we couldn't live without.

Mum of two boys, 3 1/2 years old and 20 months.

Rhiannon - Hoppers Crossing Gym

I have told friends the following about babyroo:

It is brilliant, we both have such a great time while my daughter Sienna is building strength and confidence each week.

As a first time Mum, I was housebound for the first 10 weeks as my daughter had severe colic and I was so afraid to leave the house! My friend suggested Gymbaroo to me.

I started when my daughter was 13 weeks old and it was a blessing! I looked forward to our session each week and felt very comfortable with the staff and other parents at Gymbaroo if my baby cried as I had reassurance that I was not the only one. My daughter is now 13 months old and we are still going to Gymbaroo. It is amazing watching her see and learn new things and it is a lovely way to have one on one time together, having fun.


Attends: Werribee Gymbaroo

Sienna, Mum Lauren - Werribee Gymbaroo